The sports group is one of the largest national groups within the APA. The sports group offers a wide variety of professional development courses which are suitable for a broad range of physiotherapists—from new graduates through to post-graduate sports physiotherapists.

The professional development courses include the core courses of Level 1, 2 and 3. The latter involves an eight day, live-in, program at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Other professional development courses look at peripheral joint injuries, event coverage (travelling with a team), and areas particular to one sport (eg, bike set-up or dancing injuries).

Many physiotherapists who are members of the sports group  are involved with sporting teams or associations, from local club level to elite. The professional development courses offered by the sports group are particularly beneficial to physiotherapists interested in working in private practice or sports medicine clinics.

Physiotherapists can apply for the title of ‘APA Sports Physiotherapist’ on completing an academic (masters level course) or experiential pathway. It is a requirement that when working with Australian Olympic teams that physiotherapists carry the ‘APA Sports Physiotherapist’ title.